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Sep 10th, 2017 Sunday


About acapF

@note this is currently the test page for the ComponentsCONTENT::anyPageAsync endpoint

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acapF is a php7+ framework that employs primarily ABC Compositions as functional static classes. ABC is a paradigm that segments related code into logical compositions (groups of methods) of discrete blocks (ie static classes) and then links them into an API unit via indirect extension.

acapF also 'associates' traditionally instances (instantiated class objects) w/in compositions, but only sparingly. This reduces overall object instance overload and reduces processing overhead where instances are not strictly adding value. The base rationale is that if the context of an instance is not useful outside of a single control structure, it probably doesn't need to be an instantiated object.

For example, the AUserApp and UserApp are primarily static API's but also instantiated by other modules (ADMIN_USERS, ADMIN_TAPPADS, MYACCT, TASCREEN, TAMYACCT) and or gets passed to a trigger. A CONTENT article however never instantiates an article object because it only ever requests an article and possibly pre-processes some Markdown.

acapF is not 'namespaced'. It is designed to be the big cheese in an application and it's paradigm provides sufficient namespacing. It consumes TPD's that are namespaced but they are after all designed to be discrete w/in the php environments in which they are used. acapF is not.

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